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Shenzhen longdaled co., Ltd was established in 2009,which is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing and wholesale of Led module and Led display.


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Our company has abundant registered capital of 20 million yuan,24 sets of the industry's most advanced SMT production equipment and the two modern electronic production lines, 6000 square meters of workshop, 120 workers , 6 people for inspection, sales staff 12 people for domestic and overseas market, professional R&D department and after-sales personnels, of which more than half of the staffs has been working in LED display industry for more than five years.                        Our company has high-tech core manufacture equipments and complete independent production system.

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From Led chips to the module and then to the whole led display screen , we can all produce by ourselves and check each levels, so the quality are fully ensured, the production cost cut greatly,

We are able to provide our customers products with high quality, high cost-effective and high competitive.

At present, we already built long-term supply cooperation with more than 30 manufacturers and trading companies,  developed hundreds of distributors, and provided more than 1000 solutions for led display cases, 

annual output value over one hundred million.

We focus on indoor/outdoor full-color High-definition SMD Led display and outdoor full-color SMD led display .

Main products are PH0.9 / PH 1.25 / PH2 / PH2.5 / PH2.6 / PH2.9 / PH3 / PH3.91/ PH4 PH4.81 / PH5 / PH6 / PH7.62 / PH8 / PH10 and outdoor PH2.5 / PH3 / PH3.91 / PH4 / PH4.81 /  PH5 / PH6 / PH8 / PH10, etc.

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So far,we are leader supplier in the market of outdoor display , high definition full color display and professional rental display.

"Honestly, quality first, customer first", our company already imported ISO9000 quality system and obtained CCC, CE and ROSH certifications.

We are willing to keep improving our core competitiveness and achieve win-win cooperation with customers with our high quality products,competitive price, professional service.

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Shenzhen Longdaled Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of table stickers LED display, and focus on small spacing LED display comprehensive strength manufacturers.

In 2009, we started set up factory for led.

In 2015, we started to engage in LED display industry, mainly focusing on the production and wholesale of display module at the initial stage.
In 2017, we started to set up a professional display sales team at home and abroad, and gradually shifted from the initial module wholesale to full-screen sales, engineering customization and regional distribution agency.
And actively expand overseas markets, develop foreign trade business.

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In 2018, the company changed its main product focus from conventional display to small-pitch display, and independently developed 320*160mm series of small-pitch private mold products.
And has spent nearly 20 million yuan to buy a number of the most advanced Samsung, Yamaha SMT machine is specially used for the production of small pitch, at the same time the introduction of the latest small pitch production.
In 2019, we continuously improved the production technology, polished and iterated the products repeatedly, and finally got unanimous recognition in the industry.

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Under the situation that the market situation is deeply affected by the epidemic, the company insists on production and makes great efforts, and the production and sales volume is not lower than previous years, and has a certain degree of growth.
And keep up with market trends, At the present stage, we are launching the newly developed P0.9/P1.2 /P1.5/P1.8 full series 600x337.5 small spacing project project private model products and LED large TV and LED conference all-in-one machine, this series of new products have been on the market in December 2020.

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The company has strong capital and technology strength, advanced production equipment, with nearly 100 employees, more than 6000 square meters of production workshop, has imported ISO9001,ISO14001 production system, and passed CCC,CE,RoHS,Fcc certification, at the same time, a group of years engaged in LED display production, management, Sales of high-quality professionals, welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate guidance

Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd
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No. of Employees : 100~150

Annual Sales : 16000000-25000000

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 70% - 80%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Longdaled Co.,Ltd Certification