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company news about The global economic downturn LED display how to develop in a difficult situation

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The global economic downturn LED display how to develop in a difficult situation
Latest company news about The global economic downturn LED display how to develop in a difficult situation



Dilemma 1: Macroeconomic Impact

In recent years, the global macroeconomic environment has been sluggish, the domestic economic growth has slowed down, economic development has entered a period of adjustment, the real economy has been affected, and corporate marketing expenses have slowed down, and some companies have even cut sharply. Accordingly, the use of the outdoor advertising market has been greatly reduced, and the advertising budget placed on the LED display has also been affected.

Dilemma 2: inherent weakness

The lack of value positioning of outdoor advertising media, unclear audience, lack of third-party research and data monitoring, inability to conduct precise marketing, and poor interaction effects have not been solved and improved. The situation of extensive development of the industry has not changed much. . In addition, in today's well-developed intelligent communication industry, there are more and more "low-headed people", and LED large-screen advertisements that need to be looked up can easily be ignored, the advertising audience becomes smaller, and the advertising effect becomes worse. With other forms of advertising and media choices, outdoor advertising has few advantages.

Dilemma 3: Increased overall costs

In recent years, rising raw materials, land, rent, labor, logistics and other costs have led many competitive small and weak enterprises to be eliminated. This year's LED display core component chips and lamp beads, as well as a variety of other accessories, components 5% - 15% price increase, it is stinging the hearts of many practitioners, which will open a new round of industry wash brand.

Looking at the whole industry, the outdoor LED display market is gradually shifting from an incremental market to a stock market. The competition is the advantage of display companies in terms of brand, channel, capital, integration and innovation.

(1) LED display industry dilemma counterattack

LED display industry is a LED plate with long development time and relatively mature technology. The current development speed is relatively stable, with an annual growth rate of 20%~30%. Take the full-color LED display, its advantages are large screen, high brightness, high protection level, high weather resistance, etc. Currently, in the outdoor large-screen display, LED display is the only product in the next 3 or 5 years. . LED display has no market for alternative products, and it can be used in many fields. In addition to outdoor billboards, there will be a large number of scenes, lighting of buildings, and information release in public places. Application, as the price drops, the application is getting wider and wider. At the same time, with the further decline in the price of chips and packaging, the LED display market will also be better developed.

The ordinary LED large screen only broadcasts various multimedia contents such as text, image and video. It adopts photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, computer and network technology and control technology, etc., and is now relatively mature. The outstanding features of LED smart city terminals are embodied in wisdom and IoT. In addition to the application of ordinary LED large screen technology, it is necessary to integrate various technologies related to the Internet of Things to realize product perception, monitoring, wireless communication, data transmission, Human-computer interaction and other functions.

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