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company news about “Ultra-high-density small-pitch LED” became the key project of “Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials” in 2017

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“Ultra-high-density small-pitch LED” became the key project of “Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials” in 2017
Latest company news about “Ultra-high-density small-pitch LED” became the key project of “Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials” in 2017



The Ministry of Science and Technology announced 42 “Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials” key special projects for the 2017 project, including “Development and Application of Key Technologies for Ultra-High Density and Small-Pitch LED Display”...

Ultra-high-density small-pitch LED display key technology development and application demonstration
Research content: Develop high-performance chip and package materials for ultra-high-density small-pitch LED display and naked-eye 3D-LED display materials, develop pixel-level optical design technology, high-precision drive control technology, intelligent human-computer interaction technology, high precision Package splicing technology, naked-eye 3D-LED display technology, real-time online photoelectric parameter acquisition and test evaluation technology, develop high-performance ultra-high-density LED display array module, realize ultra-high-density full-color LED large-screen splicing display scale production and application demonstration .

Evaluation index: product pixel spacing ≤ 0.8mm (real pixel), sample pixel spacing ≤ 0.5mm (real pixel); screen brightness uniformity ≥ 98%; screen color coordinate consistency ≤ 0.005xy; power consumption ≤ 120 W / M2 (@ brightness 400cd/m2); contrast ≥ 10000:1; gray level ≥ 16 Bit; brightness 200~1000 cd/m2 adjustable; prototype array module size accuracy ≤ 10 μm; prototype array module splicing accuracy ≤ 20 Mm; invention patent ≥ 20 pieces; achieve mass production: product capacity of 150 million yuan with pixel spacing ≤ 0.8 mm; product capacity of 850 million yuan with 0.8 mm < pixel spacing ≤ 1 mm.

It is understood that the "strategic advanced electronic materials" key special project 2017 project application guideline is planned to allocate a total budget of 838 million yuan. At the same time, it is stipulated that the projects led by enterprises must raise funds for self-funding, and the ratio of total supporting funds to total funds allocated by the state is not less than 1:1. This means that the state will pay half of the funds for this project. According to industry insiders, in the case of half of the state's financial support, this assessment indicator will not be too difficult for enterprises.

The “key projects” are organized and implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national key R&D plan organization and management. The purpose is to solve major scientific and technological problems that constrain China's economic and social development and national security. As is known to all, in recent years, the domestic LED display industry has gradually grown and developed. Therefore, the government’s direct economic assistance to LED display companies has gradually decreased. This ultra-high-density and small-pitch LED display technology has been selected for the 2017 special deductible special project. Probably the most direct reason is that it is conducive to "national security" - the largest application market for ultra-high-density small-pitch LED display technology is security surveillance.

In the past two years, high-density small-pitch LED displays are also hot in the industry. So why are high-density small-pitch LED displays so popular?

First of all, in terms of its display effect, the high-density small-pitch LED display has the advantages of seamless splicing, energy saving, high image quality, etc., and has a very broad application field, and its appearance has also changed the LED display products. The dilemma of profit has injected new vitality into the industry.

Secondly, the emergence of high-density and small-pitch LED display breaks the current stalemate in the industry's technological breakthroughs, and it can better integrate with new technologies such as naked-eye 3D, VR/AR, cloud-controlled broadcasting, intelligent applications, and interactive systems. A good solution to the problem of serious homogenization of current industry products.

Finally, the birth of high-density small-pitch LED displays has broadened the application market for LED displays. Before the LED display was limited by conditions, there should be limited space, and the high-density small-pitch LED display filled this defect, allowing the LED display to be successfully transferred from the outdoor to the indoor, the command center, the public monitoring command system, the radio and television broadcasting center, It can be seen in convention centers, high-end hotels and hotels, or in broadcasts.

The adoption of this declaration indicates that the state still has policies to continue to support the display industry. It is believed that under the escort of the policy, the pulling capacity of the high-density small-pitch LED display will be completely released. At the same time, the industry also has this view: With the maturity of technology and the gradual reduction of costs , does it mean that P0.5 ~ 0.8mm LED display can be expected to move from the commercial market to the civilian market after 2020 , once it enters the civilian market, the LED display screen will be a large industry of hundreds of billions, and the industry will usher in another spring !

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